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  • October 03, 2019

    Job Hunting In Tokyo

    When I first came to Japan, I wished that I could become a professor after graduation. However, through the internship experience at some tech companies, I realized that industry is probably more suitable for my skills and personalities. Hence fro...

  • March 16, 2019

    Knowledge And Tips About Sorting In Python

    Two main sorting toolsThe built-in function sorted can sort a variety of objects (iterables), while sort method is only available for list objects. Note that list.sort() modifies the list in-place, while sorted function builds a new sorted list fr...

  • March 10, 2019

    Compare Counter and defaultdict for returning default values

    IntroductionCounter and defaultdict are two convenient components included in the collections module of Python standard library. Let’s first import this module for future use:import collectionsCounterAs the name suggests, Counter can be used for c...

  • March 09, 2019

    Random thoughts about my research, work and life

    Time is limited; thus it’s necessary to give up something. Even if I achieve my current goals, like getting a great job or publishing top-conference papers, there still will be something more for me to pursue. In fact, there seems to be no end ...

  • April 22, 2017

    Learning from Learned

    I have just become a Ph.D student since April, so it seems a good opportunity (or maybe mandatory) for me to consider my new research direction in the Ph.D course. While thinking about the new ideas, I incidentally found a bookmark called “learnin...